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We cannot know everything. This is what makes man truly human. This is the wellspring of our flaws. This is where prejudice begins and never ends. We carelessly pass judgment to people we don’t even know, whose stories and secrets we can never unravel, for we cannot know everything. Yet, we are devoured by the hubris to speak of things we deem true and talk behind people’s backs like we know their truths. So before you pass judgment to women who embark the path the adult industry has laid, be more considerate. They do it for a reason. And if you really want to know their stories, go ahead and watch Backroom Casting Couch’s videos. Review, now.

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You know how the interview goes and I know you are very well oriented about what the couch is all about. You see it on 9Gag and you see it on other meme sites. And if you are not a prude person, you would be able to tell just about anyone what it really without having any misgivings to forbear you.


Anyway, the topic at hand here, the subject, has become more operational than ever. What that means to say is that they have more applicants and you know that means more videos to watch. The beautiful thing here is that they do not ever force the women to get naked or have sex with them. What they simply do is talk sweet and offer something really nice to compel the women into submission, with their own will. And then they a promise career endeavor and everything becomes a win-win situation.

From a figure of 200, the site has now grown into a database of 400 plus videos which is more than double the amount it came to begin with. The quality of the videos have been enhanced too and I noticed that they are incrementally converting their previous videos into HD ones. But to make it even sweeter, they have decided to categorize the videos by the kind of women who apply to them for a job at the back stage. So if you’re into Latina, Spanish, Mexican, Blonde, Ginger, Brunette and all sorts of blissful women, you can make the search easier through this newly integrated feature.

All these videos are worth 25 to 45 minutes each. It’s basically a full length interview and demonstration for every video. Now it’s your chance to get a full sight of what beauty has befell on Backroom Casting Couch by registering to it.