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We cannot live forever. This is what makes man truly human. Our chance to experience life ends where our breathing does. Every second that passes is a second closer to our death. Yet, we fail to see the lesson clear from our nature of being ephemeral by making the life of another more of a misery than it already is. To be human, therefore, is to be puffy, which is to say we can be shaped the way life wants us to be or the way we choose to be. For women that have been shaped in the most prurient of ways, we have the Puffy Network for that.

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Maybe, the most important thing we need to know is that to be human is to be vulnerable. The best we can do is create suppositions over matters. One’s incapacity to see beyond his periphery makes him vulnerable.


Here at the Puffy, you wouldn’t mind the vulnerability of all the women because of how they now function as beastialities in bed and the way they do it on cam is just so convincing and promising and truly inspiring that you would want to pick your ass up and be like the guy who’s so lucky to fuck the big breasted and big assed lady with magical curves, super fair skin and an angelic countenance.

The moment he comes to realize the fleetingness of his existence is the moment it may shatter his composure or strengthen his determination to carry on until his cessation, forging himself into something that honors a purpose driven life. This is one of the most profound lessons you get to learn from the multitudes of videos that the Puffy Network gets to offer, which they currently have 450 plus for you to gaze at, drooling. Each video is a magical 35-minute treat on average with all the videos being exceptionally seamless.

One thing you’ll recognize about the Puffy Network is that they have a bunch of blond girls flocked here. But that is out of the question. To be human, you don’t have to be blond, you simply have to be you and by doing so, you’re just as beautiful as any blonde and that’s what being human is all about. Furthermore, to learn life lessons more profoundly and more interestingly in the sensual kind of way, this site goes for your desires