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And then it comes to this, when you start asking existential questions like, why am I here? Or are we real? Why does something as immaterial as Consciousness ever arise from matter. The stuff beyond our normal everyday lives are frightening. To tread beyond normal thinking is a journey that crosses the threshold of sanity. What is all the point of living a life on this earth? To what end? If the universe is one of many, how many? Why are numbers infinite? Sometimes, it doesn’t matter. Let’s just enjoy the things we can have. Like the vast range of porno content in the world of Tainster.

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If we ever find the edge of our universe, is it where another one begins? Is there really even an end or beginning to all that has ever been? I am obviously massively bored big fucking time. And this is but a tiny fraction of the vast amount of scary thoughts that keep me awake. I know. I’m crazy. What saved me from these existential question would be the lewd videos found within the confines of the Tainster.com.


As a network of all the hardcore sites essential to forming one’s liberal persona, it really makes every man go gaga over the women and scenes he has been missing out on. These are rarities that can only be found in groundbreaking porn media portal that seems to me to have been creating the most esoteric videos in the whole cyberspace.

If you ever care to look carefully and deeply you will find that, Tainster always seeks balance. Such that, when a scene is given, something is also taken away. You lose one, you gain another and so on. It is only on how the viewer will look at his gains and losses that the site can be derived of great satisfaction and contentment. One thing I know for sure is that the network videos are never a disappointment. They’re either a bliss or a full epic rendition of two people becoming one in bed. Just imagine the 4,600 plus movies made available for every subscriber with these pieces running from 20 minutes to an hour each. That’s seemingly an endless path to adulate satisfaction.

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